ZTrader Cryptocurrency Trading Application



ZTrader is a lightweight Android application that lets you trade your favorite coins directly from your phone without having to log in every time to the exchange you are trading.
ZTrader uses the API function in order to make calls to your exchange account and be able to create orders. It supports a very big list of exchanges you can use like Bittrex, Poloniex, Bleutrade, Kraken and much more that support API calls.

After downloading and installing all you have to do is connect your application to your Exchange API.  After linking the accounts you have to Update the pairs supported by the exchange you want to use. Last you will have to choose a pair you want to trade, add it your list and start creating orders.
You can always watch the order book live by choosing a coin you want and you can see the chart of the specified coin just by swiping to the next screen.


Coin Market Capital

ZTrader lets you easily keep track of your favorite coins market capital.


In order to profit safely from trading, you need to be online either all day and night or just set an alert.
Alerts can be set 2 ways, get notified if the selected coin rises or drops according to the specified percentage or if it goes Over/Under specified price.

If you find this application helpful consider subscribing to VIP in order to access pro features like Trigger Orders, View and Export trade data and much more.


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