The Viral Exchange crypto-traffic exchange


The Viral Exchange is a service that lets you earn money only using your social media account through following others, re-twitting and liking pages or Facebook posts.

TVE works 2 ways. One way is buying viral points and exchanging them for follows or likes on your social media profiles and the other way is to follow others or like their pages and earn viral points.
Viral points can either be bought for those that want to go the first way or you can exchange your earned VP to Bitcoin or Blitz.
Current exchange rate for VP/Bitcoin is 0.00050457 Bitcoin/130VP and 3.42649077 Blitz/130VP.

There have also been many cases where coins that recently launched or are about to launch run campaigns through Viral Exchange and instead of VP you earn the specified coin. At the moment one of the coins that run a campaign through TVE is Patientory [PTOY], another coin that previously ran a campaign on TVE is Stratis.

At the moment TVE uses 4 social media companies: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube. Bot detection techniques provide high-quality traffic and since most of the users there use cryptocurrency you know that you are mostly on a targeted group(cryptocurrency enthusiast).

Buying points can be done with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and NXT through CoinPayments gateway.

If you want to drive high-quality traffic to your pages then this service is for you.


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