The Kinslayer


“Kinslayer refers to someone who commits parricide.(killing his father)”

Sometimes children overtake their parents to the point of no return, for both sides. Most times this is caused by the fact that they improved disadvantages that their parents didn’t the right time letting space for mishappenings .


There are some coins called “second generation coins”. One of those first coins was NXT(ticker for Next Generation Coin). It’s not nice when you miss the train and in my opinion almost everyone of us lost the train expect those 73 stakeholders that where at the right spot the right time. NXT is indeed a next generation coin if you take into consideration all those new features that crypro currencies didn’t provide until NXT’s launch.

November 24 2013
The time everyone was waiting for!!! (mostly the 73 stakeholders) NXT gets launched and holy shit this coin is so badass that every one is crying now for not taking part on the fundraising and not becoming a stake holder.


  • Block 22,000 :  Alias System is enabled. Let’s you substitute  text with another piece of text like keywords etc.
  • Block 30,000 :  Transparent Forging kicks in.
  • Block 40,000 :  Arbitrary messages option added in the client
  • Block 130,000 :  Account Leasing is enabled where you can lease your forging balance to another address .
  • Block 135,000 :  Asset Exchange is enabled.
  • Block 209,886 :  BOOOOM!! Sorry guys but shit happens. 51,000,000 NXT get stolen from BTERS NXT stash.

Yeah that’s right 51 million NXT get stolen in a single click due to an open door left mistakenly open in one of bter’s servers. Panic everywhere all exchanges freezing their NXT wallets and markets until the community decides if there is going to be a roll back. Too late 720 confirmations past. Bye bye train.


I had 85,000 NXT and I didn’t manage to forge a single bloody block. Nothing. I sold out everything and lost faith about NXT. The coin I thought that was going to change my life in crypto gave up on me. I give my credits to all those new features that NXT introduced to crypto but fuck this I didn’t like the way it got distributed from block 0.

And now here comes the child to overtake the parent. NHZ (Next Horizon) It’s a fork of NXT(clone) but with WAAAAAY better distribution for the masses and with all those features NXT provides.I started with 100k and the next day I got my first holder’s stake!! So even if you don’t forge you still getting NHZ for holding. Also if you become a node you get 666 coins per day!! I know and it becomes way better when you read about the new team and their experience. You can find more info on that one here.
My opinion on this coin is that if people move smart it might go bigger than NXT. Price is currently at 150-300 satoshi per unit for NHZ and 7900 satoshi for NXT(NXT has been way higher some time ago). Imagine NHZ climbing at 2,000. Greatest buy time is now.
I’m gonna keep on buying for the next 3 months as more as i can. Then I’ll just hold and enjoy the journey.
There is also an NHZ forging pool where you can lease your account balance and forge blocks faster with other forgers. For the time your balance is leased YOU STILL GET HOLDER’S STAKE.
NHZ has great potential firs because it provides all the features and MORE than NXT does and it is distributed easier to the masses. Go grab yourself some here.

Tired of missing the train anymore? Then give NHZ the chance to be your crypto comrade.
Thoughts determine what you want and ACTIONS determine what you get.


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