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Cryptocurrency growing eco-system is under lots of speculations from merchants of whether or not they should accept it and use it as a payment gateway for their online shops. Many of them think that it is difficult to integrate it with their platforms, others are afraid of price volatility and most of them are concerned with the law. Spectrocoin has the solution for both merchants and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are intrigued by the concept of using crypto for their living expenses etc.

For merchants, they provide you with a bitcoin payment plugin which you can install directly to your preferred e-commerce platform like Drupal, Opencart, WooCommerce and more. You can use the provided API to make calls to your account and for example, sell directly the coins you got from a sale you made on your shop to whatever currency you prefer.

Spectrocoin is also a cryptocurrency exchange that provides 2 base cryptocurrencies which are BTC and DASH and a lot of other Fiat options to choose from like USD, EUR, GBP and much more that you can see here: 

You can deposit Fiat currencies to buy crypto and Vice Versa. There are a lot of ways to deposit Fiat in Spectrocoin varying from credit card option and bank transfer(wire transfer or SEPA) to digital payment gateways like Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money and more.
Cryptocurrency deposits are faster and easier though but it always depends on what you need to do. You can even add a private key of an address that has coins and you are not going to use again for safety reasons and instantly add the coins to your Spectrocoin balance without sending anything, this way you won’t have to pay transactions fees or wait for network confirmations.

All the above comply to withdrawals also. You can withdraw your BTC or DASH to any address you specify, you can withdraw Fiat to your bank account and your e-money platform or even get paid cash via post office.

Visa card holders

For debit card holders all you have to do is to order your card either physical or digital and start using it everywhere Visa is accepted. First, you have to determine what you need the card for. For example, I use both physical and digital versions of cards. Physical so I can withdraw cash from ATMs and digital for anything I want to buy online. Both cards can be connected to any e-payment platforms like Paypal for example. The plastic card price is only 8euros including shipping which can take up to 30 days. You can always view your card history to keep track of transactions and download it as CSV or PDF document.
After selling you preferred cryptocurrency you are ready to load your card and start spending anywhere Visa is accepted. You can also unload the remaining balance from any card you have loaded and turn the money back to crypto again.
I recommend you to verify your accounts in order to get access to bigger daily and monthly limits for your spending.
This can be done by submitting a copy from both sides of your government ID and a utility bill that is not older than 2 months in order to prove your address.

Last but not least is that you can exchange your currencies to GOLD, not physical gold bullion but the asset of GOLD.



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