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Some times it’s hard to host your own miner and the coin that you want to acquire hasn’t hit any exchanges yet, or even better it’s getting launched very soon. There is always the renting option!! Exactly, you can rent somebody else’s miners and take control of them in order to point the hashing power to whatever coin or pool you’d like.

Best service in my opinion is MRR (Mining Rig Rentals). Fast reliable and support is always there to solve any problem that might happen.


1. Register an account on MRR

2. Fund account with BTC

3. Choose what kind of algo you want on the right column of the site (scypt, X11, sha-256 etc)

4. Choose a mining rig you want to rent depending on the hashing power, location and performance

5. Set up the pool credentials for your rig and Instant Pay the owner

Done. Your rig is hashing on the pool of your choice.

You can see the above steps taking place in the following video.





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