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PoSWallet is an online Proof of Stake coins wallet featuring lots of staking coins which you can also trade inside their exchange. Their service works like a pool. The more coins you send the more you contribute to the total amount of coins being rewarded to the shareholders, you get paid according to the percentage of the share you contribute to each pool.

You can anytime divest your coins and move them from the pool. For example, I keep my initial investment untouched and at the end or every week, I sell the total amount of coins I gained through staking. Everything is done at the same site. The only thing you have to do after divesting the amount you want is to move it to the exchange in order to sell it.

PoSWallet also features its own coin under the same name “PoSWallet“. That’s the coin you are going to first exchange before turning your staked amounts to BTC or other major base currencies. Or you can either hold PoSWallet tokens and put them in the staking pool and earn even more stakes.

The fact that you have to trade to PoSWallet token first whatever your coin is, makes this a perfect chance for some old school arbitrage trading where you buy and sell the same pairs in different exchanges and get an advantage of the spreads and the different price this pair may have on another’s exchange order book. In order for this method to be profitable keep in mind that you need to always double check the volume that each market can stand in order not to become a bagholder because you bought way more than the other exchange can accumulate at a higher price that you got your coins.

You can always buy a membership in PoSWallet in order to get access to cool features like bigger staking percentage and better referral commissions. If you choose to go full throttle you will have the chance to enjoy a big banner campaign which is displayed to the members of the site and also have access to VIP Slack Group.


Another great feature you can find is the faucet system. Most of the coins being staked in PoSWallet have a faucet which you can claim every 24 hours per coin with a total of three claims every 15 minutes for example, you claim 3 coins at once which you can claim again in 24 hours and after the 15 minute cooldown you can claim 3 different coins than the previous and so on. This way you can start staking your own coins without even having to spend a single satoshi. You can also use Play For Crypto faucet and send you 1337 coins directly to your PoSWallet account to start off with staking with 0 budget.
Their block explorer will help you keep track of your transactions as it’s up to date all the time without the need of searching the web for the specific coin explorer.
If you manage to drive a lot of referrals to your downline then I suggest you buy a membership plan.
You can always refer to their support as they will do anything to help you.
Until next time, KEEP ON STAKING


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