Prohashing Profit Switching Mining Pool


While all the pools are closing down Prohashing pool keeps getting bigger and bigger.Prohashing is a very famous pay per share scrypt and X11 mining pool with lots of great features.
One of the best things that Prohashing provides is that you can get paid according to your taste and believe me the list of coins available is very big. You can even set a percentage of how much of your coins will be converted to something else. For example, you can choose to get paid 30%LTC 30%BTC 40%ETC and so on.

Prohashing is also a profit switching pool which means that they don’t mine a specific coin all the time instead of hitting the most profitable coins at the time. Prohashing is also coded and made from scratch which means that it is always getting better with constant updates getting pushed almost every week.
Live balances lets you keep track of your miner earnings very easily with calculations that are made instantly so you know anytime when you submit a share what and how much you get paid.

Lots and lots of charts that let you keep track of your own machines or the total efficiency of the pool. There are live indicators for profitability against major currencies like LTC and DASH, there are charts that show the total profits made every day by the pool and there is even a chart that lets you watch the total power consumption of the miners if the user have set it on his profile page in order to keep better track of his profitability calculating the daily power costs of his machine.
In Prohashing you will also find an explorer option so you can keep track of your transactions without googling or search of the given coin website.
Another nice option that I haven’t seen in any other pool is that you can get immediately get paid to your bank account just by integrating your Coinsabe account.

Specific mining settings can be used by changing your miner password from X to something else depending on the setting you want to push. For example, you can set you password to d=512 if you want to have static instead of variable difficulty or you can set it to m=solo so you can solo mine a coin without the need of setting a daemon etc. For more info about worker settings click here.


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