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Munne is a new coin that is being distributed by ICO through Bittrex. Looks like the developers are doing their best in order to provide a smooth and fair launch gaining people’s trust with just a look at the announcement thread on BTT.

At the current time there is a big sell order of 10 million MNE. In order for the coin to launch and start off 3 million coins is the least that must be sold. If no more than 3 million coins sell then a buy wall will be set by the ICO HOLDER (Bittrex) so people can get their BTC back by sellin their coins at the same price they bought them.(5500satoshi). The rest of the coins that didn’t sell are going to be destroyed. Sounds fair!!
ICO ENDS AT 25/10/2014

Biggest problem most coins face when they start is marketing. Coins need to be exposed to the masses in order for people to discover them and hopefully use them and take advantage of them. Munne’s target is to provide 40% of the ICO funds for marketing so automatically this coin has more potential to turn into a good investment.

Another plus is that the development team is verified from coin-source. There is also a deal made with CoinGateway, a very useful site which gives you the option to buy with alternative crypto currencies anything that is being sold for BTC. is a dedicated community for munne coin.

Developers have done a very good work in the wallet according to the wallet design and features. And their website and community site is also very professional.

This are the specifications of Munne:

  • Name: Munne (MNE)
  • Algorithm: X13
  • POS
  • 10,000,000 Total Coins
  • 3% Annual Interest
  • Blocktime: 1,5 minute
  • Stake: min 8 hours – no max.

Looks very promising. I bought my portion blind folded. Can’t wait for it to go live.


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