Minergate Cryptonote Mining Pool



Minergate is the first cryptonote pool that went public back in 2014. After getting more and more popular they added a lot of coins and protocols to mine like BTC, LTC ETHER etc instead of cryptonote based only coins.
*For more info about cryptonote technology click here

After Registering you can mine instantly by using your CPU and Graphics card. Download the mining client login and start earning.

Smart mining will always mine for the most profitable coin at the time. From inside the mining client, you will be able to access your earnings and wallet. Don’t forget to set the number or mining cores and the intensity of the graphics cards mining to have some spare resources to use your computer. If you choose to go full throttle you won’t be able to use your computer due to lack of computational power as it is engaged in mining.

MinerGate also offers a block explorer on their site so you can track your transactions easily and a mining profitability calculator so you can always know what you are mining for.
Affiliate program gives you the chance to enjoy even bigger profits as you get paid for the mined coins your referrals earn. The more the referrals you’ve got the bigger the commission.




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