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A lot of people are getting interested in cryptocurrencies but they are a little hesitant putting money in. Some of them are afraid of losing their fiat, others do not believe that it’s going to get somewhere because they feel that it’s not backed up by something physical like gold or they just can’t afford to put money in. There are many things that keep people out of it even though they’d like to get a taste of it.

In this post, I’m going to cover a very simple way to get your hands on free crypto coins without investing anything except a few minutes of your life. It’s not the classic faucet way that you have to claim coins daily or hourly by solving a captcha. You will just sit back relax and see your coins kick in.
You are not going to make a fortune out of it but still, it’s better than nothing. Keep in mind that if you manage your coins well you may do your crypto start out of thin air(accurate day trading).

To the point:

In order to get free coins, you will just need to find a coin that is launched under the airdrop option. Some developers instead of doing an ICO or make a coin mineable in order to acquire they choose to use AIRDROP. You just have to download the wallet from the coin you’d like to get and then send your address to the developer in order to include you on the next airdrop.

You need to go to these two BitcoinTalk threads and use ”Ctrl+F” and type the word ”airdrop” in order to find all the posts that may have this kind of coin distribution available.
This is the coin thread and this is the TokenBased thread.
Here is an example of an airdrop distributed token where you just have to fill a form in order to participate. Because it is an ethereum based token you will not need to download a specific wallet instead you use your standard ethereum address.

Some of these coins or tokens hit the markets really fast so you can start day trading them in order to get more coins if you would like to stick with it or just exchange them for profit from another coin.


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