How to make Bitcoin FREE and FAST


Claiming faucets can be hard and not rewarding at all for the total time you spend claiming and solving captchas. NOT THIS ONE! is fun to claim and keep up with because of all those great features they provide.

The Faucet

First of all is one of the oldest faucets available still paying up to date since 2013 and always adding new options so the user has more than one thing to do with them instead of only claiming the faucet. Faucet claims can be done every hour just by solving a simple captcha. The rewards depend on your luck and the Fiat price of BTC, the higher the price the lower the hourly reward but if you are lucky your claims might turn to a lot more if you roll the right numbers. Keep in mind that everytime you claim you also get 2 Lottery tickets and 2 Reward points.

The Dice

Now here comes the first wave of fun after claiming the faucet. Immediately your balance can be used to play the provably fair HI/LO game provides. You can play manual or you can use a very easy to set up built-in bot. If you choose the Play For Jackpots option then you are eligible to earn one of the jackpot prizes if your roll number is 8888. A specified amount of BTC is deducted from your total balance according to the jackpot you want to participate in.

Interest Earning

Another interesting option you will find in is that you can earn an annual 4% interest on your balance just by holding more than 30,000 satoshi. is not just a faucet as mentioned above. They have income streams that are interactive with the faucet earnings and their advertising campaigns. You can create your own ad campaign and advertise your banner to the site users. Interest is calculated daily and paid random sometime during the day. Another income stream instead of the advertising campaigns is their own Bitcoin Mining Farm of 9 patahashes. You can verify their mining operations through the signed message they have on their mining address which is public.

Lottery and Rewards

The weekly lottery is another way to enjoy big amounts of BTC depending on your luck. So every time you claim the faucet you also get 2 Lottery Tickets and Reward points. At the end of every week, 10 tickets are chosen randomly determining the 10 lottery winners. The prize is a big BTC amount divided to the winners accordingly to their position. 1st winner gets from 1.5 -2 BTC. You can use your available balance to buy more tickets. You also earn 1 lottery ticket for every referral claim you have and for every 1500satoshi wagered in the HI/LO game. Same thing happens with Rewards, 1 point for each referral claim and 1 point for every 1500satoshi. Reward points can be spent for BTC at a price of 3satoshi/RP or can be converted to awesome gifts and bonuses from iPhones to Trezor wallets.


Referring people to helps you grow your income faster as you get rewarded for every referral claim with 50% bonus of the amount your referrals claimed 1 Lottery ticket and 1 Reward point. 0.25% of the amount your referrals wagered in the HI/LO game and 25% of the annual interest your referrals earn daily if they hold more than 30k Satoshi to their account.

You can always saw your appreciation to your referrals by sending them some coins as a gift from your balance or choose to share a percentage of the amount they produce while they are in your downline.








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