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Lucky Games is a great cryptocurrency casino with very fast growing user-base. The community there is very helpful all the time and the support is very fast from moderators to administrators.
Except for the classic HI-LO dice, you can play BALLS, CELLS and Roulette. Everything is optimizable for better experience according to your taste.
In Lucky Games, you can choose from a big list of 22 major currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. A great thing worth mentioning is that the minimum bet is 0.00000001 on every coin you choose to gamble no matter what is worth in BTC or Fiat money.

After registering you can start playing instantly by depositing your own coins, using the newcomer gift of 500 free satoshi or wait for 24 hours and hang out in the chat in order to get rains. Rains in the chatroom are made every 30 minutes from the rain-bot or from players that choose to reward 20 people that have been active for the past half hour. *In order to participate in the chat your account must be 24 hours old.

This is a user made rain in which he chose to reward the active players with dogecoin.


Their dice system features a very nice and easy to use interface where the player can choose the coin he wants to use and start rolling it immediately without page refresh, almost anything on this site can be done without interrupting your bot that hits the dice or refreshing the page. You can go manual or you can choose to roll automatically using the Bot feature by pressing the AUTO button.

The bot has a lot of features to tweak so before start using it you need to pay attention to all the parameters you set. Always use the Stop if balance under option in order to keep it safe and not lose all your available coins if you hit a big losing streak that you can’t afford to cover by raising the next bet.
*At the end of this article, I will be posting a few info about one of my Auto Betting strategy.


Cells is a great game that Lucky Games provide. It’s really fun and a good way to kill time if you got bored looking your stats from the Bot.
Very basic and easy to play, all you have to do is choose your base bet and start clicking on the cells. In this game, there are other participants also that try to click cells which you don’t know. The number of each cell determines the multiplier of each bet you made by clicking the cell. If more than 110 cells get clicked then the round resets providing a fresh grid.

Balls is another unique and fun to play game on Lucky Games where there is a row of 10 balls and a moving magnet that picks up a random ball determined by the provably fair system they use with client and server seed to provide the result which you can always verify. Again the bot is very well integrated with this game also.

And last, there is the classic roulette which everybody knows


This is a bot strategy I have been using for a long time now and never failed me. I call this the 15/20 overnight. You need to put 15 at prediction parameter and choose roll under in order to achieve 6.60 multiplier on win. Inside the bot settings, you need to choose an increase on loss of 20%. The lower the percentage you increase on loss the bigger the loss steak you can sustain. A big factor about loss streak sustaining is the base bet you choose to start with. In this coin depending on my bankroll, I choose to go with 0.00000500 POT


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