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Cryptocurrency ecosystem is rough and relentless. Imagine a digital version of the Wild West where everyone was rushing for gold. In order to get the right info of where the gold is you need the right source. It’s difficult searching on your own through forums, articles and announcements, for that reason you can use websites that offer a calendar option for cryptocurrencies.  Most times crypto developers announce their ICO information in such websites. Most of these websites also use Twitter service in order to keep people informed for any new upcoming ICOs. A Twitter accounts helps a lot keeping track of those announcements, so keep in mind that in order to be ahead and don’t miss out on something that might be a game changer I would advise you to start using twitter.

One of my favorite and most used website for ICO hunting is Token Market where I personally have found a lot of successfully launched ICOs. They also feature interviews with some of the teams behind coin launches in order to give people more info about the concept of a project and build trust with the developers.
Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with news and trending ICOs


ICO-List is also a very good and fast way to keep up to date with new launches, with links directing to social media profiles of the ICO holders and countdowns until the beginning or the end of an ICO. Choosing any of the listings will redirect you to a page with more info about the specified ICO. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter.


ICO-Alert has a more “back to basics” feel in it but believe it gets the job done way better than expected. The Very easy calendar like view makes you feel prepared and organized for any upcoming ICOs. As previously said Twitter plays a major role in this “news hunting”, you can also use the notification option to get any news via email.

Last but not Least for this article is another favorite called Coin Schedule. This site obviously does what the title says. Keep track of ICOs and Crowdfunds the same way with all the previous sites. They also feature a very nice blog with interesting interviews and upcoming Conferences and Events, don’t forget to check on it. Link for Twitter.



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