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HYPER is designed to be a low energy 100% proof of stake coin: PoW mining was only available for the first two weeks before the coin shifted to the 100%. It has the following technical specifications. It gives a 100% Proof of Stake (PoS)
5% per month, compounding and added daily which means that it is up there with the highest pos coins in terms of investment return. The block Time is 30 seconds and the reward is pretty nice at 72.5 HYPER per block. The algorithm used is scrypt which is a pretty safe and standardised algorithm for an altcoin to have. The HYPER wallet includes coin control for serious staking and complete control over your coins. At this point PoW stage has stopped and the only thing that remains is PoS interest. The PoS interest comes in stages.

PoS Stage 1 – we are at this stage now
5% monthly interest, applied and compounding daily (will last approximately 5


PoS Stage 2
10% annual interest, applied and compounding daily (will last approximately
another 5 years).


PoS Stage 3
2% annual interest, applied and compounding daily (this is yet to be
added to the HYPER source code and this stage will last forever).


It is planed that in 10 years there will be approximately 60 000 0000 HYPER in
circulation. The number of total coins is small enough in my opinion to keep the coin in a semi-rare market condition propelling the price upwards. The HYPER team has made it possible to play major games and win coins by playing and is also planning a major MMO title supporting Hyper. HYPER had a 1 500 000 HYPER premine, 500 000 is for the HYPER MMO Development and is being scrowed by psybits on bitcointalk, a Hero Member who runs Bitcoin press release service http://bitcoinprbuzz.com.The HYPER MMO Development fund being escrowed by psybits can be seen at any time at http://hyper.blockexplorer.cc/address/HJBGDgPuCZ6TFRHrQ6AFFcUVKBbbC3qiof.

The biggest reason HYPER is different is that the currency is because it is sponsoring the development of a space strategy MMO game that will utilize HYPER as the main in-game currency. Players will be able to trade HYPER for other in-game resources and currencies on an in-built free market exchange platform. The following information is about HYPER counter strike server which is located at

Game Server IP:
Stats Address: http://hyper.microngaming.com

 Here are the ways to earn and spend HYPER at the counter strike server

1.You get 1 HYPER for killing other player and you lose 1 HYPER for dying.

2.If you kill other player by a headshot you get 2HYPER. If your die due to a headshot, you lose 2 HYPER.

3.If you kill other player with a knife, you earn 3 HYPER. If you are killed with a knife, you lose 3 HYPER.

4.You also earn HYPER for fulfilling objectives.

5.Guns and grenades cost 3 HYPER each. After you are killed, you will lose your gun and anyone can pick it up for free.

6.You can bet on matches on the server.

7. Every new player entering the server is credited with 1 HYPER and gets 1 ammo and pistol per round.  The anti-terrorist squad also receives a bomb diffusal kit.To see the balance of other players that are currently playing, you can enter the chat and write /money. This outputs the balance of all players in the match including the bots.

All in all this altcoin has some fresh ideas to keep people using it and trading and i believe it holds a nice spot in the altcoin marketplace. The price of the coin as we speak looks stable and is at a high point compared to other altcoins of its age.



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