Html5coin : An altcoin with a Mission and a Vision



Html5coin was launched on the 25th of September 2014 by Ian Hervey and it has two main goals. To provide a stable system to withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community, so it targets users from all altcoin communities and to build a strong network of robust applications, goods and services, support charities and encourage technological innovation by intergrating html5coin to the mainstream making a reality, a truly decentralized monetary environment for everyone that uses it.

This coin has a long term viewpoint that is validated by the algorithm it uses. The type of the algorithm used is Proof of Work (x15) with 15 rounds of scientific hashing for the first five years of the coins life and then Proof of Stake 1% for slow and controlled deflation. The algorithms used are blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi, fugue, shabal, whirlpool. The results of the first algorithm are used as input to the second, the second algorihtms result inputs to the third an so on making this coin asic proof.

The total coin supply is 99.9 Billion coins at the end of Proof of Work and after that it does not require miners to function, just a few wallets open to verify transactions through Proof of stake.

Another really unique feature of this coin is it has zero transaction fees.

Html coin has undergone verification by proof of dev and the rating of 5 PODs has been given and also Coins Source has verified HTMLcoin with a 7 out of 7 verification score, the highest they offer

Another important thing to note is that Html5coin is listed on 8 different exchanges listed below. Full markets means that H5 is a base currency there which allows it to be directly trade with other coins in the exchange and is not needed to follow the normal altcoin to bitcoin to html5coin rule.

Wallets for Html5coin support a broad spectrum of operating systems and mobile payments will be released soon.

Html5coin has the following payment processors which is the largest list of any altcoin.

Html5coin has the following merchants which is also one of the largest list of any altcoin.


Html5coin we believe has what it takes to become the altcoin of the future and the plan of the developer is a long term one.





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