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One of the best places to mine scrypt coins is Hash To Coins scrypt pool.
The key with this pool is that you can mine the most profitable coins without even noticing.H2C does the job for you.
Being able to determine the profitability of each coin makes you mine more accurately but it’s difficult to search parameters like network hashrate or network difficulty manually.
All you have to do is register to H2C and connect your scrypt miners.

Mining and Workers

H2C provides a variable difficulty, fixed difficulty, and a KNC Titan stratum which not all the pools out there do.
Setting the difficulty of your worker is very easy, all you have to do is instead of using “x” as a password you use “d=” (d stands for difficulty) and then you add the number of the difficulty you want.

For example, setting a worker password as d=512 will result in a 512 share diff.

This option lets you have better control over your miners especially if they are rented.

After creating a miner you can simply choose to mine a specific coin or turn auto-switch on. This is done easily in the worker options tab.

After setting up the account and firing up the miners the last thing you want to do is add your payout addresses of the coins you mine.


Price Indicator

In stock quotes tab you are able to see real-time prices from the ask order book of some exchanges. Taking advantage of this option can result to profit from arbitrage trading.
Scrypt Pool

List of Coins

Scrypt Pool



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