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Folding Coin is a really special altcoin. Only 1 Billion tokens will ever exist which makes it pretty rare and is a cause coin built on top of Counterparty.

Folding@home is a long running project that began in Oct of 2000 from the folks at Stanford University that lets your spare CPU or GPU simulate complex protein folding. Protein folding is the process by which a protein structure assumes its functional shape.

FLDC shares the Bitcoin blockchain and folders rely on the Bitcoin and Counterparty developers to introduce new updates to the coin, such as security, stability, and GUI.

This allows for more focus on the adoption, distribution, and economics of the coin plus no energy is wasted securing a blockchain, and all resources can be used strictly for Folding@Home work units.

The risk of a 51% attack equals that of the Bitcoin network which is impossible to do. Folding Coin aims on science and folding proteins for cancer or other projects. It is also possible to fold for certain diseases like cancer if you would like to.

Miners that used to mine with Cpu and Gpu now have a new coin to mine and put that hardware back to good use. you can even mine coin with a Virtual Private Server. The distribution model of the coin is the following

  • Once 500,000,000 FLDC are distributed, change the daily distribution to 250,000 FLDC
  • Once 750,000,000 FLDC are distributed, change the daily distribution to 125,000 FLDC
  • Once 875,000,000 FLDC are distributed, change the daily distribution to 62,500 FLDC
  • Once 937,500,000 FLDC are distributed, change the daily distribution to 31,250 FLDC
  • And so on…

FoldingCoin Inc. takes the daily distribution divided by the number of credits that the team has created that day and that will equal how many FLDC will be spread around folders. Distribution occurs every morning between 9am and 12pm EST.

Also FoldingCoin Inc. has developed a system where new tokens will be added and can have their participants enter a different prefix to their donor name to start receiving the new respective tokens in addition to FLDC for their folding efforts. They will be adding many more asset coins that can be earned through folding so they can gain more adaption for Folding@home, FLDC, Counterparty and the respective tokens, which sounds great.

Folding is pointed towards

  1. Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Huntington’s disease
  3. Cancer
  4. Osteogenesis imperfecta
  5. Viruses (FoldingCoin distribution details) (Here you can find videos on how to setup mining)

Folders: 179 (504)
24 hr. Credits: 21,988,874
Credits: 1,300,584,604


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