Dark side of THE DOGE


DogeCoinDark is the name and it’s SCRYPT. One more time DogeCoinDark is the name and it’s SCRYPT.

If you like tipping others for any reason then Doge is your coin BUT if you want annon also, then DOGED is YOUR COIN.

With specifications that please any miner or buyer but do not exceed human logic. Something that is well measured by design. 13 Billions is the number of DOGED making this coin not rare but also not plentiful at the same time. Tor is gonna be used for anonymity so doge+annon= DOGED. Scrypt algorithm was chosen for this one with  “30 second” blocks making this coin very fast at transactions.
The premine of this coin was lower than 0.3% which is used for bounties, tipping etc. At the moment there are only 2 exchanges where you can get or sell DOGED, Coin-Swap and VaultEx but hopefully bigger exchanges are not gonna be  hard to hit.
Another big plus is that the developer of this coin is very dedicated from what I can see from his work since launch and from the time spending in the irc chat and has also been approved from crypto asian with a 4/5 POD. Good job.
*At the moment this coin is the safest investment if you consider that you buy it @ 1 sat only. It can’t get any lower.

Here you can fine the ANN thread of DOGED. Don’t forget to drop by the irc channel to get your tips.


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