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Cryptonator is an online cryptocurrency wallet, converter, price ticker all in one android application.
Online wallet provides safe hosting of your coins that can be instantly sent or exchanged to another major coin. All the exchanges take place into your personal account.
If you want to do fast conversions and calculations then Cryptonator will come in handy.
cryptonator main

Converter lets you choose from a very big variety of coins that can be converted to any other coin you choose from the list. This helps you make faster calculations without the need to convert your coins in BTC and then to the altcoin you want. Your conversion favorite coins can be bookmarked so you don’t have to go through this massive list every time. While converting you can add these rates directly to your portfolio.
Cryptonator portfolio

The portfolio is the place where you can save a number of coins you hold in order to have a better view of the total value of your coins. Another feature the portfolio option provides is that you can also display the total value of your coins on your phone’s main screen using the provided widget. You can always save your favorite coin in “My Rates” which you can access anytime to see the current value per coin you have chosen.

Winners And Losers is a very nice tool to keep up with market fluctuations for a selected time period up to one month.
This way you can see the total percentage a specific coin gained or lost in value for up to one month. This will help you determine if you should buy or sell it. Most times a coin that lost a lot of value in the past period might have chances to correct its price but always do your own research before buying or selling.

The widget is very easily customizable. Just select the pairs the way you want them displayed, tick the Display portfolio value to be able to see it in the widget and then add this widget to your phone’s main screen.

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