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BitcoinMinerLogo-476x476You can always use cloud mining if you don’t have time to set up and maintain your physical miners.There are many companies out there offering lots of contracts where you can buy hashing power host and maintained  at a co-location where you don’t have to worry about noise, dust, electricity and everything included in maintenance.


Very well known in cloud mining services is This was the first service I used before I purchade my physical machines. (I would recommend it for hashing power trading GHS/BTC and not temporary mining).  You buy hashing power which you can later sell back to the market at a different price this time either higher than you bought either lower. Depends on the current market price. This equipment providing the hashing power is real so until you sell your GHS back to the market all this time of held it was mining for you. They mine BTC (sha-256)

Another cloud mining service I like to use (For trading now only, I was using it most for mining) is 
It’s not very advanced when it comes to interface. Kinda primitive in look but always did the job. I’m there since day one.Traded a lot of power and mining a lot too. The admin once gave away 0.4 btc to each one of the members!! This company mines scrypt coins not sha-256. They mine the most profitable and exchange it directly to btc for you. Users get paid every 10 minutes for their mining and 3-4 times a day for their referrals

These are some of the companies i’m using currently to produce income. I’m gonna post videos on how to use them.

Skype: coiner561

BTC address: 142H1oDcN18FcFhRFtMcMLdS1pBna9W8K4


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