Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange


Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bleutrade is a crypto-currency exchange mostly for altcoins with great options that make your trading experience very easy especially to new traders that want to learn the ropes of crypto trading and investing.
In the back-end of your user page you will find a very nice interface with option that you can’t find on other exchange platforms and if so they won’t work that smooth. Graphs will help you keep track of your balances easier and statistics about deposits, withdrawals and trades were never that easy to keep track like in this exchange.

BTC, LTC, DOGE, HTML5 and USD are the base currencies, means you can trade these five coins as a basic crypto pair.(ex. HTML5/XXX, USD/XXX and so on). This way you can expand your trading horizons to other crypto territories to gain some extra experience or just make more money.

In the wallet section were all the balances are shown, at the the right you will see an ACT tab with a little plus (+) button for each currency.

When you click on this plus button you will see the options for the currency you have chosen.

There are some pretty nice options that make you work faster like the Auto-Sell option, the Direct Transfer option which you can use it to send coins to other accounts inside Bleutrade and stuff like Deposit, Withdraw and re direct to the chosen currency markets.

Another great thing is that when you hang out by the chatroom you get rained random coins that users send to the rainbots and you get free coins just by chatting there. You can use these coins to learn about trading without risking any money or you can use the auto sell option to convert all those rains to a specific coin you might prefer.

Bleutrade has issued a company share which is tradeable in the market of the exchange and when you hold such shares you get paid every 12 hours dividends of the trading fees that occur according to the trading volume of the exchange and the amount of fees you get paid depends on the amount of shares that you hold. The total number of shares is 1 million and the average price of each share is about 0.0035btc.

You can create a unique sequence of auto trading and holding shares according to your choices. For example I have used the auto sell option to sell all my coins immediately(highest buy order at the moment) to HTML5 coin because it’s a base currency in Bleutrade and low on price (means that it can sell your coins more frequently instead of trading with a higher price currency like BTC where you have to meet a higher threshold in order to trigger the sell order.) And finally I have set HTML5 coin to auto sell to BLEU(bleutrade shares). This way there is a constant reinvest that occurs automatically.

Drop by the chat to say a word and claim your coins.

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange



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