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Bitradio[BRO] is a Proof of Stake currency featuring 2-minute blocks, 5 BRO coins as block reward and only 10.000.000 coins distributed through 6 crowd sale rounds.

The purpose of this coin is to provide better paid traffic and exposure to radio stations, cloud storage system for paid members and revenue to BRO coin holders through paid subscriptions, advertisement campaigns etc.

There are also a few other future plans in order to create revenue to the users including 80% of any ad campaign revenue from sites constructed from bitradio team like coin explorer, dice site etc.
Featured stations revenue that paid for their exposure will go to exchanges in order to buy BRO and send it to a burn address and destroy them leaving fewer coins in circulation making the price stronger.

1 DASH master node for one year, 5 NeosCoin master nodes for 2 years and 5 BRO master nodes for one year which all of their earnings will be used to buy BRO and burn them or get burned directly(BRO master node earnings).


In the first round, you pay 111USD in order to get your hands on 2.500BRO which can be used for master nodes.
Master nodes need to have a minimum of 2.500BRO as collateral in order to maintain the network safe. The master node reward is 0.5BRO. The bigger the number of coins and the time the master node spends online the bigger its weight and the chance to get paid.

In the second round, there is a pool of almost 1 million coins(minus the pre-sold coins from the first master node round) the coins will be distributed according to the percentage of the share you have after sending your coins. Example: If user X sends 1BTC, user Y sends 1BTC and user Z 2BTC then distribution will be 25% to user X, 25% to user Y and 50% to user Z according to the share they have in the pool.
Rounds three to five contain 2 million coins each and the last and sixth round 3 million

Radio Listening Distribution

4 out of 5 coins go to the radio station and then distributed to listeners hourly, 0.5BRO goes to the master nodes and the remaining 0.5BRO goes to the owner of the coins that hit the block.

Radio station distribution goes by the following plan: 120BRO distributed to current listeners every hour, here’s an example:
120BRO/5.000Listeners  = 0.024BRO per hour listening to radio stations. x24 = 0.57BRO daily

In other words, you get paid to listen to your favorite music.

3 Tier Referral System

Referring other people to the station will provide you with an amount of activity points which are then turn to BRO every 20 minutes,

Level 1: 5%

Level 2: 2.5%

Level3: 1%

You can use your referral link directly or you can use the banners provided in a variety of dimensions.

First, download the wallet, let it sync and then encrypt it(make sure you won’t forget the passphrase or else you’ll lose control of your coins), then all you have to do is make an account to BitRadio, pick a genre and start earning while listening to your favorite radio station.

Radio Station

Radio Station Forum

Bitcointalk ANN thread

BRO donations welcome: BkW94h9D4k9Uxog1zkY6ErsYN4Sc57deoe


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