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Bitcoin Affiliate Network is a crypto currency related blog that runs a BTC mining pool sideways.
My opinion is that it’s the best mining pool out there. They are using PPS(Pay Per Share) payment method and they pay an extra 1% bonus and some extra Doge from their pockets which i don’t know how they calculate it at the moment but it’s still an extra.

Their daily hashrate is between 2.5-3 Phs and the average of blocks they are finding is from 1 to 3 blocks per day from what I’ve seen so far.Another plus is that they merge mine Namecoin.
You can get paid in a very flexible time scale from 1 hour payouts to 24 hours, whatever works better for you.The BTC address is an one time setup which means that you get paid on a specific address all the time making it more safer. If your account get’s hacked you still get paid your money without risking.

You can change the payout address by submitting a support ticket or getting in contact with the operator through their IRC channel: #bitaffnet
When you here the “Daddy” kick in then it’s time for another block to be solved.
Link to the pool: BAN POOL

They use a geo method to find the closest stratum so you can have to most short distance connection to the pool and their port system varies from standard difficulty to variable difficulty ports.
The support of the pool is very friendly and very fast willing to solve any problem that you might have.

If you are searching for the best and smoothest operation pool then this is your pool. Be a part of the company and throw some hashes to this place.

Link to the pool: BAN POOL


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