My journey on BITCOIN starts with a subscription I wanted to buy for a forum I was using back then. Fiat membership was about 60 euros.

While i was going to buy for third time my yearly subscription I see a new payment method called Bitcoin. I said wtf?
I need to investigate on this.
So I end up buying the yearly subscription for 35 euros(that was the current price of half a BTC back then).
It was instant. Only thing i had to wait was the dude that provided me with this 0.5 btc to wake up and accept my paypal transaction(used a scam looking site with 5% fee, I didn’t know I could use an exchange yet).
That was it. I just found a reason to stop sleeping and begin reading about this 8th Wonder called crytpo currencies.

From this blog I’m going to post personal thoughts and guides on how to participate in this Great Achievement called BTC and learn you the ropes for a safe experience

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